WELCOME to  UNEQUI ('YOU-N-EQUEE') - Research| Education | Innovation


Animal Nutrition; Equine Science and Performance; 

Equine Nutrition, Behaviour and Welfare; 

Companion Animal Welfare; Ethics and Animal - Human Interaction;

Research Skills, Statistics and Project Management;

Teaching and Curriculum Design;

WELCOME to  UNEQUI ('YOU-NECK-WEE') - Research| Education | Innovation

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Research: Project planning, Supervision, Team contribution or Management, Collaborative Research with Universities, Writing and Editing from Scientific Publishing to Lay Articles; Problem Solving and Exploration; Data Analysis;

Education: Lectures, Seminars, Workshops, Short Courses, Learning Packages/Material and E-learning, Supervision and Coaching; Curriculum Development;

Innovation and Creativity: Scientific to lay illustrations, product application and evaluation, multidisciplinary approach, Solution StormingTM, Event management, Logo Design and Branding, Borrow a BrainTM;

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