In depth Literature Reviews & Current Status of Knowledge:

We have experience in supplying tailor made Reports/Papers/Articles: Latest Understanding, Knowledge.  Recommendations for research and research proposals based on the above can be made and we can help prepare funding applications. We are also happy to work on collaborative projects and to coach junior researchers in their development of a research portfolio.

Project Planning and management

Dr. A D Ellis has extensive experience of all aspects of project management from initial consultation to communication links, budgeting, feed back loops, funding applications to hands on running and co-ordination of projects. In addition we can offer a vast network of relevant contacts to facilitate collaboration across the biological sciences.

Research Publication, Editing, Reviewing, Independent Evaluation, Refereeing

Do you have loads of research sitting 'in the cubboard' which really should be published? Perhaps you never quite get round to it or some of the data needs further analysis? We can help with this and finally get your work our there into the public domain. From data analysis, writing up of results to editing and reviewing of papers before submission.

Two or three brains are always better than one.

Scientific translation/editing work also undertaken (German - Dutch - French to English)

Supervision, Student Project Management

We offer experience within academic and industry settings and can offer extensive and intensive student supervision, tutoring, coaching and support up to PhD level.

Some Previous work - Examples of Reviews: 

Ellis, A. D. (2013) Energy Systems and Requirements, In: Geor, R., Harris, P. And Coenen M. (Eds.) Equine Applied And Clinical Nutrition, Saunders, Elsevier, pp. 96-112

Ellis, A. D. (2010) Biological basis of behaviour and Feed Intake, In: A.D. Ellis, A.C. Longland, M. Coenen and N. Miraglia (2010) The impact of Nutrition on the Health and Welfare of horses (Editors: Ellis, A. D.,  Longland, A., Miraglia, N., Coennen, M.)

Projects Managed in the past: 

Equine Nutrition and Welfare – Project Leader: The effect of a high fibre versus a high concentrate iso-energetic diet on digestibility, passage rates, hindgut environment, performance and behaviour (in the stable, during training, handling etc.) of 36 young horses at 3 exercise levels. Collaborative related sub-projects: Effect of high fibre versus high concentrate diet at medium exercise level on a) occurrence of stomach ulcers (Utrecht University) and b) Stress parameters in the blood (Messina University)

Ellis, A. D., Visser, C. K., Van Reenen, C.G. (2006) The effect of a high fibre versus low fibre diet on behaviour and welfare in horses, Proceedings of the 40th International Congress of the ISAE, University of Bristol, p. 42, Cranfield University Press, Abstract

Alberghina D., Giannetto C., Visser K., Ellis A.D. (2010) Effect of diet, time of day and gender on plasma tryptophan and serotonin in trained horses, Veterinary Record, Vet Rec. 2010 Jan 30;166(5):133-6

Equine Training and Welfare: The effect of two training methods on the learning level, behaviour and welfare of horses.

Kathalijne E. Visser, Machteld van Dierendonck, Andrea D. Ellis, Lotte Rijksen, and Cornelis G. Van Reenen (2009) The effect of a sympathetic training method compared to a conventional one on the horses' responses to initial training, The Veterinary Journal 181 (2009) 48–52