Every Scientist has to be Creative!

WE can apply 'out of the box' thinking and creativity to your research and education problems. We are also active in product design and testing and we strongly believe that creative thinking is one of the most important factors in the success of any business, research or academic environment.  Unfortunately today people are often bogged down with so much work that creativity shuts down as well. We can offer creative thinking workshops but most importantly we offer our innovative thinking which draws from experience across the industry to help you develop new ideas and innovations.

The Problem is not the Problem - It's the attitude to the problem. We can help to find Solutions! We are so confident of this we even coined new terms for what we do... Solution StormingTM and Borrow a BrainTM

Innovation: Development of new feeding systems for horses

Hallam, S., Campbell, E. P., Qazamel, M., Owen H. and A. D. Ellis (2012) Effects of traditional versus novel feeding management on 24 hour time budget of stabled horses, In: Forages and Grazing in Horse Nutrition, EAAP Publication No. 132, Wageningen Academic Publishers, pp. 319-321

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Creativity: Logo Design, Poster Design, Book Covers, Original Drawings; Graphic Design and Branding

Logos Example: European Workshop on Equine Nutrition, Logo 2000-20014;


 Bespoke Photography and Design of Book Covers, Scientific Illustrations;
Examples: Hill and Ellis 2005; 


Slide and Presentation Design - Colour Co-ordination, Original Art Work, Scientific Illustrations