First hand experience in Academia both in Lecturing, Course Design, Curriculum Development, Validation, Supervision and Research gives us an edge on delivering services which are exactly what you need.

We offer academic consultation on developing and implementing new courses, quality assurance, research co-ordination and development, staff training, e-learning and international liaison.

Lecturers and Academic Researchers are under increasing pressure to deliver more in less time! Outsourcing some of this work may not only be cost-effective but will support staff retention and progression within their field of expertise.

We can support you in this, so please talk to us.

Knowledge dissemination

Lectures & Workshops for Undergraduates, Postgraduates and Professionals: 
from available stock or tailor-made to suit your Curriculum or Organisation
Research Seminars, Workshop & Conference Organisation
Individual Supervision and Coaching
Project Planning and Management;  Making the best of your Research Project; Publishing timelines and motivation; Scientific Writing;

Course design

Learning packages
E-learning; Open Learning
Course Validation and Examination
 Course Auditing and Writing

Learning Materials

Books, Pamphlets, Flyers, Posters, Articles

Some of the Lecture Topics we have covered in the past - but please ask, there is lots more:

Equine Nutrition
Ration calculation and Common Sense
Energy Requirement Systems made easy
Energetic Basis of Performance
Nutrition and Health
Companion Animal Nutrition

Exercise Physiology
Sports Horse Industy
Drugs in the Sports Horse Industry
Animal Sports Industry and Animal Health

Philosophy of Ethics in the Animal Sciences
Animal - human relationship
Research Ethics
Recent advances in Equine Welfare and Health
Animal Behaviour
Equine Behaviour

Business Studies - starting up a Consultancy
Marketing of Science 
Scientific Writing Skills - from Journal Publication to Lay Articles and Blogs
Research Skills
Experimental Design
Basic Statistics
Statistic Workshops - all you need to know and no more
Scientific Writing and Presenting Workshops
Scientific Project Planning and Management Workshops

Creativity in the Sciences
Research Seminars and Discussions: see Archives for topics

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